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Why I love arteza gouache colors

Happy new year everyone!

2020 is already here the first week is nearly over and on Christmas I got so many art supplies I’m loving. And I absolutely fell in love with Gouache Colors from Arteza.

Thanks to my sister and her fiancé for getting me this.

I tried them in my new Arteza Watercolor Sketchbook and just want to show you the awesome colors.

Gouache painting of Deethra
Deet (Deethra) from The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Series

Look at this amazing texture you can create with it. I really loved drawing Deet (Deethra) from The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance series. You can layer it so good and it’s also possible to create and mix every color you need. I really loved that. So you don’t even need so many colors to give it a first try. I got the set of 24 colors and I think it’s the smallest. I don’t know another with less colors except the metallic set of 12 colors.

The Gouache colors work super good on the Arteza watercolor books. The paper totally work well with water and even if it will bend a little – as long as you close it after it’s dry and put the rubberband around the book – the paper will flatten again completely. I really love the books and can’t wait to fill them.

I also did another painting which you can see below.

The Dark Crystal Life Elixir
The Life Elixir from The Dark Crystal

As you can see you can mix colors super good and also blend it a little as I did in this painting of the bottle.

You can also see my messy palette but that’s how I work and I love it. What is art when you don’t make a little mess while creating.

So I think this is it for my first entry here. I don’t know yet how often I can do posts like this but I will try my best this year.

If you have any questions on the colors or the paintings or whatever – never mind to ask!

I wish you a great start into the weekend




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